Friday, August 30, 2013

happy birthday to my mama.

She is a woman of strength. 
She is a woman of wisdom.
She is a woman with a servants heart.
She is a strong woman.
She is a loyal friend and mother. 
She has the gift of hospitality. 
She is creative. 
She can cook some amazing food!
That's my mom!


I've learned a lot over the years from my mom, like how to work hard, how to stick to something even when it wasn't fun or I didn't feel like it, how to score a good deal, how to serve others, how to be a fiercely loyal friend and wife.

My mama is no stranger to loss, as a young bride she lost her mama to cancer, some years later her brother and then later in life 2 children. She could have become bitter and angry at God. But I admire the fact that she didn't. She kept on walking, even when the pain was almost unbearable.  I admire that about my mom! The strength and courage she shows when life throws hard horrible things our way! The faith and trust in God that doesn't waver.
I am so thankful for my for my mom and I hope someday I can be half the mom that she has been to me and my siblings. Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. aww,thanks dear...this makes me cry:) Love you!

  2. I just happened upon this. I love your Mama too. She's spoken into my life numerous times. You are more blessed than you know.


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