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                                                                   Hey there.
I am Janene and I live in the Midwest, born and raised in Iowa. (go hawks)   I am married to my better half ( i adore him) and together we own a trucking company.  Our lives are basically crazy, but in the midst of our craziness we make time to enjoy life. We love to travel and do quite a bit of it together.  We also love being involved / serving in our church and community as much as possible. We as a couple are passionate about business and our role that we get to play in the kingdom of heaven through business.  And in my spare time I enjoy thrift shops, vintage junk, fashion, cooking healthy, reading and a good cup of coffee.

This blog is a compilation of thoughts and things that make my average life a little more beautiful and mostly its my own way of looking back and remembering different seasons and adventures in our lives.  Thanks for stopping by!

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