Wednesday, August 14, 2013

1st anniversary trip.

 We spend a couple days in the lovely Canadian Rockies last week celebrating our 1st anniversary and what a lovely, relaxing time it was! When Nate suggested we visit there a couple months back I was totally not sure about the idea. I am much more of big city girl and well spending time in the mountains doesn't always sound so appealing, my husband on the other hand is all about the mountains.
 I quickly changed my mind after the drive up through the rockies and seeing how beautiful and peaceful it was! There was so much to do and see in Banff. The food was amazing and the resort we stayed at was out of this world amazing! My husband has some mad hotel picking skills!
And another favorite of our time in Canada was Tim Horton's. It was my first time having Tim's and wow its some of the best coffee I've ever had! Its a good thing we don't have any close to our house or we would be there like every day.

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