Monday, August 26, 2013

Inspiring Reads

Yes yes.. A good book, a cup of coffee and well I'll be the happiest person around for days. I love to read and you could quickly figure that out if you saw the stacks of books laying beside my bed or the books laying on our coffee table. I also have boxes of books in storage-- which makes me really sad, but we just simply don't have any room to put up bookshelves right now. Someday I'll have a reading room with unlimited amounts of room for my books.  Recently I've been reading..

                               Breaking Free                                                   Made to Crave

Maybe when I am finished with these reads I'll come back with a review, but for now I'll just say I am liking what I've read so far, only a few chapters in. 

And some good inspiring reads from blog world recently. 

What have you been reading? I would love to hear! 


  1. sadly just textbooks at the moment. not very inspiring in my opinion, but a must. i'm glad you are getting some reading in though! :)

  2. I've read Made to Crave! Awesome.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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