Thursday, June 27, 2013

thoughts on turning 30.

In a few months I am turning 30 and over the past few months I've been thinking about it a lot. Because something about 30 feels so old, so life changing. So naturally I've been reflecting over my life and the things I have done and also the many things I didn't done. And you see often in that past that's where I have gotten stuck. On the things I haven't accomplished or the dreams I haven't pursued. But slowly I am learning that no growth ever comes from just staying at that place of wishing, but not taking action. Sometimes you just have to do it. You just have say no to all the insecurities, stop believing the lies and just go for it! Stop waiting for everything to fall into place, stop wishing, stop complaining and just go make it happen. I honestly don't even know what all that's even going to look like- but I am going to start by taking one step at time and trusting God to lead me. 
And I am starting by blogging.. I not a writer by nature, in fact I am a horrible speller and I often struggle to put my thoughts into words- just ask my husband! There is a long list of things that I am not, when I compare myself to other bloggers and you see that's just what has held me back from blogging. But I am tired of holding myself to a standard that is unattainable. I am me- janene, a daughter of God, loved and cherished. I have gifts and talents that no one else has, so enough of the stupid lies. Lets start by living in the beauty of Grace. 

                                                               print and quote by emilyley

I was first introduced to blogging in 2004 when xanga was all the rage and back in those days there was no pressure. It was just fun! And that's what I want to go back to. Blogging for myself and because I enjoy it. It brings tears to my eyes as I read back over old xanga posts and see the journey I've been on. I will forever treasure the things I wrote back then and that's why I want to blog again today. So here's to a new start! 
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