Thursday, August 1, 2013


 Sin is the despairing refusal to find your deepest identity in your relationship and service to God. Sin is seeking to become oneself, to get an identity, apart from God. -Soren Kierkegaard 

 Oh ouch. That simple word can strike so much emotion. As women we all place our identity in something. Maybe its our desire to be a wife and mom or maybe its in our profession and achievements. We want to be known, we want to be heard. We want to have a voice in this world!  

Often I find myself running around doing things I not even called to just to be recognized, just to be heard. I try so hard to make relationships work, because well of course I'll be cooler if I am friends with the the popular ladies. Its just a never ending battle it seems.

                                               [she] will have no fear of bad news;
                                      [her] heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.
                                         [her] hearts is secure, [she] will have no fear;
                                                in the end [she] will look in triumph on [her] foes. Psalms 112 7-8

I dont know about you, but that makes my heart leap.

She will have no fear of bad news 

Her heart is steadfast. 

Her heart is secure.

Wow! That's the kind of women I desire to be.. secure, steadfast, trusting in the lord!

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