Monday, August 5, 2013

5 things I've learned in my first year of marriage.

1. Take care of yourself.
Your aim should be to please your husband, so just because your married now doesn't mean you should stop caring about how you look! It will enrich your marriage! Promise!

2. Live life with order and structure. 
My husband is huge on living our lives in an orderly fashion. For me that means keeping our home in an orderly fashion, having a plan for my day and just living our lives with intention. It's amazing how chaos in our home actually affects our marriage in a not so good way! 

3. When you throw away something really important like a title to husbands semi. Ask forgiveness like 500 times and don't get mad. It wont help the situation! (It was a total accident and thank you Jesus for a gracious husband) 

4. Invest into your marriage! 
Read books on marriage or attend a marriage conference. Our personal favorite so far has been the Real Marriage Conference. And we are excited to attend a Weekend to Remember Conference this fall.

5. Have fun as a couple. 
Because of the nature of our business and the time we spend apart we make it a priority to get away, have fun and unplug from the craziness of life. It's refreshing for our marriage and for us as individual's.   


  1. Great advice! I am so happy for you! marriage truly is such an amazing thing if you always invest in it. Our tenth is this month,has it really been that long since i'v seen you?!wow!
    It really does get better and better every year(=

  2. I love your blog!! I'm delighted to have found it! :)
    And I love this post... in a world of crumbling marriages and "till we end in divorce" it is so encouraging to see other couples putting their heart and soul into marriage, and ultimately into reflecting the glory of God. Blessings on you guys, and it only gets better! :)


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