Monday, July 1, 2013

week/end in review.

Husband wasn't home this past weekend, so I did my best to stay busy. I don't mind being home during the week- but when the weekend rolls around my attitude often changes and its a fight to hold the tears back. But really there are far worst things in life then being without my babe for a few days, I remind myself often of that and count my blessings. Because I am blessed! 

I got to have breakfast at one of my all time favorite diners. The conversation was sososo encouraging and the service was top notch! After breakfast we took a quick stroll downtown to the farmers market. We ran into friends from church and a lot of awesomeness. Like yummy veggies and fresh flowers. I will definitely be visiting the farmers market a lot more often this summer! 

And I have I mentioned how much I
love all the thrift/vintage junk stores in our area. I made time for a little of that over the weekend. It's refreshing to my heart! 

I also enjoyed a little spa time. Hubs loves coming home to shiny nails and I don't have any problems obliging. 

I also had to do a little shopping. I needed to find a dress for a wedding we 
have this weekend and let me tell you, me and dress shopping are not friends. I am reallyreallyreally picky when it comes to dresses. It's basically annoying. Maybe someday I'll get over my picky habits. I must have sent husband a half dozen photos before we agreed on a dress we both liked and even then he didn't really like the color. Oh wellz. At least I have something to wear! 

Also my dear friend heidi came over for lunch and what a wonderful time it was! We had so much to catch up on and her baby girl is basically the cutest! I only wish we could see each other more often! 

Overall it was a great week/end. I also took in some live music downtown and the movie "the help" with friends. Awesome movie! Go see it if you haven't!! 


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