Tuesday, July 16, 2013

my week in photos.

Last Friday I had my wisdom teeth pulled + 1 other random tooth that needed to go. I've been dreading the process for the past few months and I am so thankful it's finally over. My dear husband did a fabulous job taking care of me and my dear mom even brought me some yummy food I could eat. It was better then just eating yogurt all weekend. 

I've been following the #shereadstruth plan and this month it's about women of the bible. soso good! follow along at shereadstruth.com--you wouldn't regret it! 

I made a quick trip to a local farmers market this past weekend to stock up on fresh veggies. Recently Nate and I have become passionate about supporting local business's instead of making the big corporations richer with our weekly grocery runs. So farmers markets feel like a good place to start. And yay for fresh eats! I love summer! 

Husband has been home this week and its been amazing. Late night fro-yo dates and early morning cuddle times. Ohh so dreamy! 

It's been so hot this week. I love Iowa summers- but oh are they ever humid and sticky! An afternoon at the pool is in order for weeks like this! 


  1. I just started reading #shereadstruth yesterday and it's been great already! love learning what the Bible has to say about biblical womanhood.
    I am making a visit to the farmer's market this Saturday with my aunt-in-law and grandma-in-law, you wanna join us? :)

    1. yay i am so happy your reading along! its so great! hope to see you tonight!


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