Tuesday, July 9, 2013

july 4th weekend.

 Last Monday Husband and I road tripped it out to Pennsylvania. There are diffidently perks to marrying someone from another state and one of them being frequent road trips / visits. After wrapping up some business and a meeting with our employees on Wednesday. We shut down our computers and phones kicked off our long holiday weekend. And what a blissful time it was. Sleeping in every morning and then heading down to our favorite little cafe in town for coffee and breakfast was often how we started our day.   

Our friends hosted a big party on the 4th, Lots of yummy food and drinks were consumed through out the day. And what better way to end the day then with fireworks. The 4th goes down as one of my favorite holidays and this year was no different.

 I also got to attend a wedding with this guy. I adore weddings and then having someone to attend them with. Total Score!! Sometimes I feel a sadness at the fact that you only get one shot at planning your wedding. I would love to plan mine all over again and marry the same guy all over again too.

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  1. How fun to meet a friend of Shelley's! I look forward to reading more here. :)


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