Tuesday, July 2, 2013

june parties.

Later this month my friend Olivia is getting married so a couple of her friends and I threw her a bridal shower. During our brainstorming process one of us had the idea to do a 50's theme. Because really what's more fun then a themed party!? And we knew how much Olivia loves the 50's.

   The food was of course amazing. Root beer floats, fruit cups, pigs in a blanket and a couple kinds of cake all graced the menu. 

Pretty flowers and a beautiful bride to be! 

Also half the fun was finding an outfit. I found my whole outfit at a thrift store for a total of $8. Heck yes! And also I am convinced we ought to wear lipstick and  hats more often! It's just way to much fun! 

Also later that week I had the privilege of helping with a tea party for the ladies from our small group at church. Amanda graciously opened her home and what a beautiful spot it was for a wonderful evening of yummy food and encouragement! 

     Everything turned out so perfectly! 

  Beautiful ladies! Unfortunately I didn't get a group shot. 

                     Amanda and I. She is a dear and I feel honored to call her a dear friend.

There is something about planning and throwing parties that just brings joy to my heart! I look forward to the day when I am not limited by space and can freely open our home for large get-to-gathers. I grew up be accustom to hosting and having guest's over quite often and that is something I want to be common in our household. I believe that hosting is really quite a privilege and gift. It can be lots of work, but I don't really think it needs to be. It shouldn't be something we stress about for weeks or feel panic at needing to make sure our house is perfect. A warm, inviting home can go a long way!
 I envision many bbq's, birthday parties, tea parties and just big ol parties in my future! 

What are some of your favorite hosting / party planning tips?    

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