Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Slavery Still Exhists.

A couple years ago a few friends of mine and I embarked on a big epic adventure. We packed our bags and flew across the ocean to Thailand. Little did I know that my life was about to be changed in some big ways.

 I came home from that trip with a lot more then I ever had when I first got  left, but what made the biggest impact on me was the staggering number of women and children that are being trafficked. 
 My heart was gripped as I heard horrific stories of these women being sold and being forced to do/experience horrific things. 
 I couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that many men from all over the country travel overseas to take advantage of these women. I still cant wrap my mind around that thought, I cant imagine being treated like a thing, instead of a real person.
 I came home and after some research realized this wasn't just a problem in Thailand.  It was happening in my country, my state and even my own town

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Fast forward a few years and I've asked God many times what can I do? How can I use my voice?

  Recently I"ve had the opportunity to be a part of bringing an experiential walk-through exhibit looking into the reality of human trafficking.
 This exhibit will journey you through the stories, lives and situations of millions of people -- people who do not have complete freedom, whose lives have been taken captive and whose stories need to be heard.
You can check out more details for the Journey to Freedom Exhibit here or here.

The reality of slavery is not only physical, but spiritual as well. The God we serve has a heart for justice, and he wants to see each person experience freedom. Freedom from physical bondage and abuse, as well, spiritual freedom from lies, fear, sin and so much more! 

How will you use your voice? 

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  1. Wow, I LOVE this! I wish we lived closer and could take in the looks like it will be so relevant and challenging.

    The question you ask at the end is one I've been asking myself so much lately...sometimes it feels overwhelming, like what CAN you do?? Right now I use my voice to pray...and one day it would be amazing to be a part of something like you're doing with Journey to Freedom.

    Happy weekend!


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