Friday, January 17, 2014



I crave beauty in my everyday life.
 I crave clean lines and white space's in my life. 
I crave to create beauty around me, to inspire other women towards beauty.
 I crave less drama and more beauty and inspiration in relationships in life.

 I read this post The Ache for Beauty and my heart said a thousand amen's. The writer put my thoughts into words so much better then I ever could, but I feel like I hear this cry so much from women around me. We all want to beautiful, we want to be noticed, to be a part of something bigger then just our little lives, to leave this world having made a difference. 

True Beauty comes from within, a reflection of the gentle and quiet spirit that God so values. 
1 Peter 3:3-4

This year I am purposing to stop believing the lies and to go after true beauty. 

//For more beautiful inspiration check out this online magazine! //


  1. This is wonderfully said. Thank you so much for the reminder to look for beauty all around us. So glad you linked up with Find Beauty Friday. The candles are my favorite. That would be SO gorgeous at a wedding.

    Headed to read that article you linked to :) ~Jenna

  2. Amen to your words, and thanks for reading! I don't know why I am continually amazed at finding such similar sentiments and battles in women of all age and kind. Beauty is truly written into the very core of our being, and bless YOU as you bring that beauty to your world in whatever way you've been designed to!

    1. Thanks for your comment Alica! I've been so blessed and inspired by your words and the beauty that comes forth from your thoughts!! xo!

  3. Such a good article; thanks for sharing!

    I never want to annoy anyone with going on and on about our new house too much, so I'm glad you asked for me to share. :) It is all really overwhelming, but the 'business' side of it is harder for me than the design aspect. The amount of time it's taken us to decide who to go with for a construction loan is a little insane! As far as choosing a house, I found that the easiest thing to do was choose a house plan from online (I liked, and then have our contractor and his architect brother-in-law help us tweak it to fit our needs. Starting from zero and figuring out a whole house was too hard. Then I'm utilizing Pinterest as much as I can to hone in on the exact look I want, and picking paint colors, lighting, etc., via the internet so that when we go to buy the decision is made and I don't get distracted and confused by all the other options available in the stores. We'll see how well this works out for me. :) Thanks for your lovely comment!


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