Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Thankful Project | Day 7

                           Linking up with Chasing Happy  for day 7 of the Thankful Project. 

I've had my fair share of jobs, some I really loved and some I really hated. The most recent job I had was one of my favorites, I adored the company I was working for and what their mission was  as a company. I had tons of opportunity to grow and move on up in management. But after getting married and quickly realizing that if my marriage was going to be priority I would need
 to quite my job. It just wasn't going to work for both of us to work 50+ hours a week and still have a life. I also have aspirations of having my own business someday and I saw that if I invested my time and talents into helping my husbands business be successful  it would be much easier for us to start a second business. 

It was a really hard decision at the time, but looking back I am so grateful I made the choice I did and I am so grateful for the job I have now. 
I work out of our home for our business + I do a bit of volunteer work for our Church.
love the flexibility I have now. If I want to take time off to travel or schedule coffee dates or other appointments isn't hard to arrange that in my schedule.  

While there are many perks to working from home, there are also some downsides. I struggle with being self motivated and its so easy for me to get side tracked. Just this morning I read a really great blog about staying organized and getting things done.  Go check it out- regardless if you work from home or outside the home its just good practical stuff. 

Do you work from home? Would you like to? What tips do you have to stay motivated and on task? I would love to hear your thoughts!  

Happy Thursday Friends! 


  1. currently I'm working from home too (secretary for my dad/our family ministry & also a photographer & blogger) Its definitely a challenge at times but I agree-I love the flexibility! I love how if I want to take off now and then I can cram/work late other times to make up for it. It's frustrating though how some people react to hearing someone works out of their home. "Oh, you work at home? You get to do WHATEVER YOU WANT!"
    NOT true. =) There's still the workload and the deadlines and the projects and everything that goes into running a business from home. You just get to organize your own schedule, and get the work done in your own time frame, instead of clocking in and out from 8-5pm. Its not a cakewalk at all. But its a great life, I agree. =)

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    2. Yes i totally hear you on that response.There are so many blessings working from home, but also challenges. Blessings to you Chelsey! Thanks for the comment! xo.


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