Friday, November 1, 2013

The Thankful Project : Day 1.

   So I recently stumbled upon the blog Chasing Happy and Kenzi put together The Thankful Project for the next 28 days. Its all about intentional gratitude and community. 

Kenzi had this to say about The Thankful Project 
"The motivation behind The Thankful Project is this: an attitude of thankfulness can help us push through and overcome just about anything. It can keep us afloat when our world crashes down around our shoulders. It can help us be content with who and what we are right now, at this very moment. It can boost our self-esteem, strengthen our relationships, give us motivation to persevere through tough stuff, and give us perspective when we're so busy we can't stop our heads from spinning. Being thankful, and taking the time to express that gratitude, makes us happier, healthier individuals. And by sharing our gratitude, we have the power to encourage and build each other up. We even have the potential to change lives. It might sound hokey or idealistic, but it's true. Intentionally cultivating an attitude of gratitude will change your life." 

And I so connected with that statement. I am fighting some tough battles right now and it would be so easy to really discouraged. But I want to chose gratefulness. I have so much to be grateful for! 

So today I am so grateful for my husband.  I love and adore many things about him, but the biggest thing that I am so grateful for is how he lives in grace and is able to love and shower my life with so much grace. From his example I've learned what it means to love on others even when its hard to love at times.   I am also grateful that he encourages me to pursue my dreams and explore my creative side as a women. 

And let me just throw this in for whatever its worth. If your single- Do not settle, for anything less then a man that will love you and shower you with grace like Christ loves his bride. It isn't worth it! 

be blessed!  


  1. Love this, such a beautiful post!! And I completely agree! Settling is not worth it! It is so beautiful and precious to be loved by a man that loves you beyond measure, prays for you and prays with you.


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